Giving Children the Tools to Communicate

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"Our app inspires language to the voiceless"
                                              -Talisha Sachlis & Dezira Carpentier

The Communication Toolbox app is a unique app that was developed for children with autism, developmental delays, and can be used by neurotypical children too. The app launched in February 2015!


The app is designed for Behavioral Therapists, Speech Therapists, Teachers, and Parents. The target audience is individuals with autism and developmental delays. The app can also be beneficial for enhancing language for typically developing children.


Communication Toolbox contains three levels on IOS devices.  Level three is only available on Apple devices.

*For Auto play -- use reset password to reset it to default -- 1234

Level One
Level one teaches children to identify over 1,100 common items by selecting the spoken word. This level is designed to increase a child’s receptive language skills.

Level Two
Level two targets over 1,100 common items by their functions, their features, and their classifications. For example, a child learns that a ” ball ” can be thrown, rolled, kicked (function), it’s round (feature), and it’s a type of toy (classification). This level is designed to further expand a child’s receptive language skills.

Level Three
Level three provides the learner with a room and the child must identify which items belong in the presented room. The child will need to determine which objects belong in each room and will drag the associated items to the correct area.